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Letter from the Founder / CEO of New Creations

Roy Faust

I started New Creations in 2006 with one simple idea – to create a great client experience in custom home remodeling.

My career started as a child working for my father’s contracting business. I worked hard but probably was not as gifted as my two older brothers who both went on to earn college scholarships in sports.

My dad liked to joke that I would never make a living with my hands like him, but that was a good thing he said. I remember saying I wanted to start my own company one day just like him. I was a first generation college graduate with a degree in Marketing from Lamar University, graduating in 1999. For the next 7 years I gained valuable experience working in various roles in construction like sales, project management, business development, and marketing.

I realized it was time to start my own company when I became disenchanted with my employer’s treatment of our clients. The remodels were stressful and the clients were often unhappy. I just knew that things could be a lot better and I began to dream. That’s when I had the vision for New Creations.

The quest was started by building a quality team of technicians, tradespeople, and designers who love what they do and value craftsmanship and family. Adding to that a relentless pursuit in perfecting our systems and procedures to improve our efficiency and quality, and an unwavering passion and desire to make our clients happy by exceeding expectations, we were well on our way to success!

After an early start on smaller projects like countertop replacement jobs, New Creations quickly evolved to much larger and more complicated projects and complete home renovations on the interior and exterior. We now specialize in projects with major changes like removing/adding walls, cutting concrete, adding structural support, rerouting electric, plumbing, and gas, as well as adding doors and windows, and so much more.

Our service is 100% turnkey design build. We work hard to impress our clients with our high level of attention to detail. We have worked with the same team of top engineers, designers, vendors, suppliers, and tradespeople for over a decade. We truly are one giant family who are always available to help each other at a moment’s notice.

If you want to know our secret it’s to surround yourself with people who are a lot smarter than you. And to top it off, everyone is just so dang nice you won’t believe it! (Just check out our Client Reviews here)

Now with hundreds of successful projects, over 125 Five Star client reviews (and growing), and multiple awards for customer service, creativity, and quality, New Creations has established itself in Austin, Texas as one of the most trusted brands in home remodeling. After well over a decade of owning New Creations, I love it now more than ever.

It’s a special thing to work with the same team for so long who all share the same dream. The true joy in what we all do is seeing how our work impacts our clients’ lives for the better and the lifelong friendships we develop with them along the way.

If you place your faith in New Creations, we will do a great job for you, I guarantee it.

Roy Faust
New Creations

Roy Faust | Founder of New Creations Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling