Our Team

Meet the creative force that makes New Creations the best team for any home remodeling or addition project in Austin.

Roy Faust

Founder & Principal

Roy Faust was Born and raised right here in Austin Texas. He spent his entire life around construction starting off remodeling his fathers rental properties as a child. Roy graduated with a Business Degree in Marketing from Lamar University 1999. He worked in construction management and sales until his dream came true in 2006 when he founded New Creations. Roy continues to love what he does to this day and feels his most valuable asset is “my obsession with making my client happy.”

Erin Rooney of New Creations

Erin Rooney

Design Lead

Erin has always been artsy and creative enjoyed being a DIY’er. She grew up working with her father on several of their own home remodels and various projects in her hometown of Houston, Texas. Erin graduated from Texas State University with a degree in interior design. After gaining experience in design working for a few local firms, New Creations discovered Erin and the rest is history. Erin has this to say about her job: “I absolutely love what I do which could only be possible because we have the most amazing clients in the world!”

Appolo Serrato of New Creations

Apollo Serrato

Lead Builder

Apollo grew up in a hard working family right up the road in San Antonio. Although he studied machinery, his ultimate passion was remodeling. He spent many years in construction learning a multitude of trades form some excellent teachers until Apollo met Roy in 2006. “I enjoy working with the team at New Creations because we all know each other so well, it makes it easy.”