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Compact Kitchen Remodel – Austin, Texas Area – Bluff Springs

Compact Kitchen Remodel Overview

These clients contacted us to inquire about a compact kitchen remodel. They loved their home, but the clunky old kitchen was unbearable. The poorly-lit and tiny room lacked in cabinet storage and workspace. Even worse, our clients love preparing meals, but the out-of-date appliances and features offered a lackluster cooking experience. They planned to stay in their home for years to come, but they had to improve comfort and livability. After all, they worked hard and deserved it. So, our in-house design team came up with a design in line with our client’s vision.

Designing a compact kitchen remodel presents some difficult challenges. Especially, when you covet ample cabinet storage, but you also want a sizeable chef-friendly refrigerator and standard-sized appliances. Something has to give, right? Not necessarily if you have a creative design-and-build team with a lot of experience.

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

We had to be strategic in designing the cabinetry for this renovation. The compact U-shaped footprint of the room didn’t allow for a poor design. So, we spaced out the appliances to provide ample countertop workspace between each appliance. Then, we removed the soffits to raise the ceiling. Of course, we took advantage of this by extending the cabinets from floor to ceiling. Also, we installed pull-out drawers to store away appliances and the trash can neatly.

The cabinets house a sizeable stainless steel fridge providing a built-in look while the surrounding pantry space is accommodating. Features include LED lighting under the top cabinets and the under-cabinets as well.

Other highlights include gorgeous granite countertops provide a nice contrast to the decorative tile backsplash. The overall lighting is impressive. The LED lights light up the countertops while the dimmable can lights allow you to set the mood. We also equipped the kitchen with several electrical outlets and convenient USB ports for charging the smartphone.

Compact Kitchen Remodel Summary

Remodeling is never easy, but a compact kitchen remodel requires a lot of careful planning. Sometimes you have to work within a small footprint, but you do not have to compromise on beauty or function. The cozy little kitchen precisely illustrates how to get a lot of love out a compact kitchen.



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