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Fireplace Renovation – Austin, Texas Area – Balcones at Spicewood Village

Fireplace Renovation Overview

Rarely in life do you have the opportunity to service a lifelong friend doing what you do best. I feel blessed that I was able to do just that and help a great friend that I grew up with improve their quality of life. One night we got together to hand out and ended discussing his fireplace renovation project.

He loved his house in northwest Austin. Moreover, he planned on staying there. But although he loves his home, the old living room fireplace always looked out of place.

At one point, another contractor offered to handle the project. However, after trying to remove a small section of the fireplace, he became concerned they might damage the brick wall surrounding the fireplace and opted out.

Unfortunately, we could not remove the haphazardly-built fireplace without damaging the surrounding brickwork. So after discussing all of the possible solutions, we deduced that we would have to demolish the fireplace and the surrounding brick wall and rebuild everything.

Fireplace Renovation

Once we started looking at some new and exciting building materials, we realized that we could easily improve the ambiance of the room just by replacing the fireplace and surrounding brickwork. Besides, the ugly old bricks left much to be desired aesthetically, and the hardwood flooring presented the room’s only saving grace.

My friend decided to go with a more contemporary-style wall tile. He chose the stunning Anatolia vein-cut marble honed cubics wall panels from Stone Solutions. Similarly, the flooring consists of the same Anatolia vein-cut marble honed fieldstone, an exact match to the wall tile.

For the new fireplace, we went with the Majestic Biltmore Radiant wood burning fireplace. Above the fireplace, we installed a beauty hardwood mantel. The light grey tones of the marble tile beautifully contrast the hardwood flooring and the mantel presenting a natural-meets-industrial look.

By changing the bricks out, we could also upgrade the wall paint. Accordingly, we chose to go with gray and white tones to match the tile and contrast the natural wood of the flooring and mantel.

Fireplace Renovation Summary

Sometimes a small change can yield significant results. This little fireplace renovation perfectly illustrates that point. We didn’t just remodel a fireplace; we transformed an entire living room. More importantly, we helped improve my buddy’s quality of life for years to come.


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