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Kitchen and Living Room Renovation -Austin, Texas Area – Hills of Lakeway

Kitchen and Living Room Renovation Overview

Our clients planned on doing a kitchen and living room renovation to transform their house into a dream home. They wanted to open their home up to create a warmer and cozier atmosphere for preparing meals and spending time with friends and family. So, after reading several of our five-star client reviews, they decided to set up a free consultation to discuss their project. After reviewing our proven, five-step remodeling process, we decided to proceed.

Kitchen Renovation

The original kitchen was closed off from the living room by a wall. They wanted to remove the wall, but they also need cabinet space for storage. So we removed the wall but hung custom cabinets above leaving open space so that you can peer into the living room from the kitchen and vis verse. Consequently, the room now provides for open communication between the chef and the guests and family members, precisely what we wanted.

Similarly, the breakfast bar opens up into a formal dining room once again creating a warm and harmonious environment. The small bar comfortably seats two.

The cabinetry features maple hardwood in a medium wood finish topped with gorgeous granite countertops. To provide a clean, built-in look, we designed and built the cabinets around a large stainless steel double oven and french door refrigerator. Cabinet features abound such as under-cabinet lighting, handy pull-out drawers, and LED lights under the top cabinet that light up the countertops.

The stunning wood front vent hood matches the cabinetry spotlights a unique and elegant feature.

Other highlights include the Japanese-style glass backsplash, recessed, dimmable can lighting, and ceramic flooring.

Living Room Renovation

The living room renovation proved to be much less complicated. Our plan involved creating a consistent look throughout the house.

We built a fun little wet bar to match the kitchen cabinets. The prominent features include glass-fronted doors and the same Japanese glass tile backsplash as the kitchen. Moreover, the bar spotlights LED lighting that shines brilliantly from inside the cabinets through the glass-fronted doors. Of course, we installed a small wine chiller as well.

Lastly, we built a custom entertainment center to match the kitchen cabinets and wet bar. The glass-fronted doors and LED lighting present prominent features.

Kitchen and Living Room Renovation Summary

The kitchen and living room renovation accomplished our client’s goals. They opened up their home creating a warm and open atmosphere for family and friends to enjoy. Also, they upgraded the kitchen with modern appliances and feature and improved the lighting throughout. Most importantly enhanced the beauty of their home while improving its value and their quality of life. Their home will dazzle friends and family for years to come.


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