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Traditional Kitchen – Austin, Texas Area – Circle C Ranch

Traditional Kitchen Renovation Overview

Our clients love their home in Circle C Ranch – part of the greater Austin area. Moreover, they intended on staying there. However, they felt that renovating the kitchen would significantly improve the ambiance by opening up their home. After all, like most folks, they enjoy spending time with family and friends. They wanted a traditional kitchen design with a warm and open layout.

Also, they wanted to improve the lighting and upgrade with modern appliances and features. It was intoxicating to think about what a new kitchen could do for their comfort and quality of life.

Custom Cabinetry

This traditional kitchen features dark, furniture-grade Cherry Wood cabinetry topped with gorgeous Ubatuba Granite countertops. We built tall cabinets around sizeable stainless steel appliances taking advantage of the high ceilings to maximize storage. Moreover, we added little touches like the open shelves on the cabinets to the left of the fridge.

Cabinet features include under-cabinet lighting and mounted LED lights under the top cabinets. Also, we installed convenient pull-out drawers to store kitchenware and trashcans and to keep the kitchen clutter-free.

The massive, custom-built kitchen island that sits in the center provides the focal point of the kitchen. Built from the same Cherry Wood and Ubatuba Granite, it offers an impressive look. We took advantage of its size by building the microwave into it. We installed several drawers, doors, and pull-outs, and Electrical outlets abound for convenience.

Other Features and Appliances

Other features include recessed, dimmable can lights evenly spaced throughout the kitchen that allow you to set the mood. The several can lights along with the pendant lights above the island offer a well-lit room.

The backspash consists of beautiful travertine tiles that complement the cream-colored walls and porcelain flooring.

As for the appliances, we opted to go with stainless steel throughout the kitchen for durability, longevity, and to provide a consistent look.

Traditional Kitchen Summary

Our clients wanted a traditional kitchen design with modern features and a warm and open layout. So we worked to select the right building materials to provide a classic look. Also, we modernized it by upgrading the lighting and appliances, and by adding cool features like pull-out drawers and custom-built kitchen island. Consequently, our clients have a beautiful traditional-style kitchen that will impress their family and friends for years to come.


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