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New Book Available on

Color Your Home Like an Artist

by Troy Hester and Roy Faust

Now Available at

Choosing colors for your home is a challenge, even for professional designers. Like so many other details, selecting colors is one of those “I know what I like when I see it” kind of things. Rather than exhaust yourself staring at color wheels, palettes, and pictures to try to find colors that work for you, why not take a short cut?

The greatest painters in the world are gifted with the ability to select colors to help convey a certain mood in their paintings. Because of this, the chapters of this book are organized by mood. From bright, high energy colors, to dark, low energy colors, and everywhere in between, this book has them.

Simply flip through and dog ear the pages of the color schemes that jump out at you. You will find you gravitate toward high or low energy colors. Of the colors and patterns you resonate with the most, you may find one particular color scheme from a famous painting you respond to the strongest. Use the color swatch from your chosen painting when selecting the color of materials for your home. Why can’t the entire design process be this simple?

Roy Faust

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